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Family of William Robinson Clark

1829 - 1912

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His first wife, Elizabeth Jane Higgins (the daughter of Charles Higgins, a brewer) was born in Wiltshire, and they married at the Independent Chapel, Salisbury, Wiltshire in 1855. She died at the Villa Arson, Nice, France in April 1891. She had converted to Catholicism and appeared to remain in Europe.
"Who Was Who 1897-1915" (p.101 or p.139) lists third wife (Helen Louise Patton) and 6 sons and 5 daughters (we have 7 and 5 !). As this was written many years later it is likely it refers to living children. One son, the twin Alred, died soon after birth. [link].
I cannot trace much about his sons, except William Lyon Clark, post-1881 (but see below for latest info).
The daughters, mainly older, stayed in England.
There were no children from his subsequent marriages to Emilie Mary Campbell (nee Noall) in 1891 or to a Helen Louise Patton in 1906. See the William Robinson Clark page.
As reported by an early Lyon family member

One of George Lyon's sisters had married the Rev. Mr. Clark of Deviot (two miles from Inverurie). Her son Rev. Wm. Clark refused two bishoprics including that of Ely. His two daughters had become Roman Catholics at a French School. One was Lady Cole* the other Lady Petre, the latter a very old barony which descends to daughters as well as male heirs it is "Petre of Furnwall". Rev. Wm. Clark was at Wells and later came to Trinity College Toronto. I remember, as a very small child hearing him lecture on, "The Water Babies". He was a very handsome man.

* Alan Summerly Cole, the son of Sir Henry Cole, was an emminent person in his own right but I can find no evidence he was a Sir or Lord [ed].
William Robinson Clark died on 12th November 1912 in Canada.

The daughters of William Robinson Clark

He appeared to have (at least) five daughters:-
  • Katherine Elsie Clark, later Hon Mrs Petre and subsequently Lady Hawtrey
  • Margaret Elizabeth Clark, married Alan Summerley (Summerly) Cole, son of Sir Henry Cole, the first director of the (V&A) South Kensington Museum
  • Etheldreda Mary Clark (known as Audrey), later Lady Petre
  • Hylda or Hilda Frances E Clark, married the explorer Henry De Windt
  • Augusta M Clark has now been confirmed as the previously missing daughter.

Katherine Elsie Clark, daughter of William Robinson Clark,
Katherine Elsie Clark married Albert Henry Petre, the son of the 11th Baron Petre, one of the largest land-owning families in Essex and East Anglia, UK. However at the present time I have not confirmed the details of this marriage.
see Barons Petre
After the 11th Baron Petre died, in 1917, she married Sir Charles Hawtrey in 1919 (not to be confused with the unrelated Carry On ..... star who adopted the same name after the death of Sir Charles).
Sir Charles Hawtrey was a victorian actor, comedian and theatre owner/producer and was a mentor to the younger Noel Coward, who was "apprenticed" to him. He appeared in some of the first silent movies.
He was knighted by the King of England on 1 January 1922, becoming Sir Charles Hawtrey, and his wife, Lady Katherine Elsie Hawtrey.

Sir Charles Henry Hawtrey
Sir Charles Hawtrey

Charles Henry Hawtrey, English actor (1858-1923), was born at Eton, where his father was master of the lower school, and educated at Eton, Rugby and Oxford. He took to the stage in 1881, and in 1883 adapted The Private Secretary, which had an enormous success. He then appeared in London in a number of modern plays. Among his later successes, "A Message from Mars" was particularly popular in London and in America. He appeared in some of the early slient films.

Wrong one - actor who changed his name
wrong one !

See Sir Charles Hawtrey page
Sir Charles was responsible for the naming of the "Hanky-Panky cocktail".
Katherine Elsie Hawtrey (nee Clark) died in 1930.
See link for :- Theatre Museum: Victoria & Albert Museum Ekstrom Collection: Diaghilev and Stravinsky Foundation, 1902-1984
see also Telegram from Lady Katherine Elsie Hawtrey to Serge Diaghilev 1 page, ref: THM/7/2/1/4/113 1927 July 22

Etheldreda Mary (Audrey) Clark - daughter of William Robinson Clark
Etheldred Mary (or Audrey) Clark married into the same Petre family as her sister,
she married Bernard Henry Philip Petre, the 14th Baron Petre. She died in 1959.
They had a daughter Lady Mary Frances Katherine Petre, Baroness Furnivall.
There is a portrait of Bernard Henry Philip Petre in the V&A from 1902.
Lady Mary Frances Katherine Petre's first marriage was to Augustus Agar, VC (see VC details).
His telescope and Victoria Cross medal are in the Imperial War Museum, London.
Augustus (Gus ) Agar
She subsequently married Willam Herbert Shelley Dent.

Margaret (Margie) Elizabeth Clark - daughter of William Robinson Clark
She married Alan Summerly Cole, son of Sir Henry Cole, KCB. in 1879
He was a Director of the South Kensington Museum (V&A) and an expert in textiles, especially lace, and was the author of a number of catalogues on the subject.
They had four children, Hilda (b. ca 1880, m. Jack Bennet), Muriel (b. ca 1882), Jack (b. ca 1884) and Doreen (1901-1903).
He was a friend of Oscar Wilde and the painter Whistler.
Alan Summerly Cole was a life long friend of the artist James Abbott McNeill Whistler. see link for Whistler . In 1876 Whistler gave Cole an number of spontaneous sketches he had made of The Blue Girl: Portrait of Connie Gilchrist and Arrangement in Brown and Black: Portrait of Miss Rosa Corder (now in British Museum).
In 1879 Cole helped Whistler plan a trip to Venice. This was an important period in Whistler's life.
Cole and Whistler remained life-long friends and correspondents.
In the spring of 1876 Whistler had begun a portrait of Cole's father which was taken up again in February 1882 but never finished as Henry Cole died on 18 April 1882. The picture appears to have been destroyed.
see Centre for Whistler Studies - Alan Summerly Cole
It was his father Sir Henry Cole, the first director of the Victoria and Albert Museum, who commissioned the First Christmas Card from John Calcott Horsley
The First Card - 1843
Sir Henry Cole and the First Christmas Card

Hylda or Hilda Frances Clark - daughter of William Robinson Clark
Just when you though this could not go on - there is more !
Hilda married Captain Harry Willes Darell de Windt (b. Paris 1856).

Harry de WindtDe Windt was the ADC to the Rajah of Sarawak, an explorer and author of many books about his travels (Overland from Paris to New York via Siberia, Peking to Paris, Russia to India via Persia, Trough Savage Europe, to name a few), and much much more.

They married in Marylebone, London (his second marriage) in 1899 - not in Toronto as previously thought.

Hilda died in 1924.

His books were published under the name of Harry de Windt. He died in 1933.
He also must have been a truly amazing man.Harry de Windt died in Bournemouth in 1933 and is buried there.
Two of the books that he published about his travels are shown here.
Books of Harry de Windt, FRGS
From Paris to New York by land
From Paris to New York by Land
Through Savage Europe
Through Savage Europe
See Harry de Windt page

The sons of William Robinson Clark

Although he had six sons (and probably two more that died at birth or an early age),
little trace can be found of them after the 1881 census.
Details of his eldest son (Major) William Lyon Clark and Charles L B Clark have recently emerged.

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