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Local History - Newington, Surrey

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Newington Church
Newington Church, Surrey - 1750
Robert Samuel Hogg married Elizabeth Mary Ann Johnson here on the 28th May 1855.
St Mary, Newington
The church was extended and the scene was probably more like this at the time of the wedding (1855).
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archived history of St Mary Newington

Where the Hogg's lived in Newington, Surrey

Map of Newington
Princes Street, Newington
(Robert Samuel Hogg lived here in 1855)

St Mary Newington

Saint Mary's is the ancient parish church of Newington.
The present church was constructed in 1958, replacing a building of 1876 which was badly damaged during the Second World War. Only the tower survives and was incorporated into the new church. The 1876 church was constructed to replace an earlier building, of 1721.
The parish of St Mary's is located in South London where Elephant & Castle, Kennington and Walworth meet - an area historically known as Newington.
Newington Church was located by the Elephant and Castle (the original church demolished in 1876 was replaced by a new church nearby in both 1876 and again in 1957. The new one is by Kennington tube station.
The original building was awkwardly sited (see Plate 52a) being, in the words of an early 19th century writer "a protuberance obtruding on the highway," and in 1876 it was pulled down so that a much-needed widening of Newington Butts could be made. The old burial ground still remains and in 1877, a clock tower, the gift of a churchwarden, R. S. Faulconer, was built there to mark the site of the old church.
The new 1876 church, erected on the east side of Kennington Park Road from the designs of James Fowler, was consecrated in May, 1876. It was built of Kentish rag with Bath stone dressings in the Early English style, but the spire which formed part of the design was never erected. The roofs of the nave and chancel were of hammer beam construction, the height of the nave from floor to ridge being 70 feet, and its length 100 feet. The church was burnt out in an air raid on 10th May, 1941, (and has not yet been rebuilt - incorrect).
Newington - St Mary (current)
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Map showing location of old (to 1876) and new St Mary church
Map of Newington
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St Mary, Newington

History of St Mary, Newington

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