Clark and Hogg Family History

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Clark Family

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David Clark
David Clark (1831-1914)
John Thomas Tennant
John Thomas Tennant (1857-1933)

Rev. James Clark (b. abt 1797)
David Clark (b. 1831)
David Clark - Aged 80
Walter Scott Clark (b. 1871)
David Tennant Clark and family
Lyon Clark (b.1873)

The amazing story of
William Robinson Clark (b. 1829)

William Clark (b.1892) killed in WW1

Walter Scott Clark
Walter Scott Clark
Richard William Hogg
Richard William Hogg
Robert Samuel Hogg
Robert Samuel Hogg
Clark - meaning of the name
Definition: Cleric, clerk, or scholar - one who can read and write. Also from the Gaelic "Mac a' Chlerich/Cleireach"; son of the cleric or, sometimes, clerk. During the Middle Ages, the common pronunciation of -er was -ar, so the man who sold items was the marchant, and the man who kept the books was the clark. At the time, the primary members of the literate class were the clergy, which in minor orders were allow to marry and have families. The term clerk eventually (clark) came to designate any literate man.
Who am I to argue with that!
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