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Local History - Gornal, Sedgley, Staffordshire

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St James Church, Lower Gornal
St James Church, Lower Gornal
(photograph - John Everson, Sedgley)
George Tennant and Sarah Tennant (nee Jones) are buried here
Graves of George and Sarah Tennant
(photograph - John Everson, Sedgley)
Zoar Methodist Church
Zoar Methodist Church, Gornalwood
(photograph 2003)
The daughter of John Thomas Tennant, Edith Mary Tennant,
laid ome of the foundation stones.
see Zoar Methodist Church page
see Centenary of Zoar Methodist Church
see also the Obituary of John Thomas Tennant
John Thomas Tennant and wife Emily
John Thomas Tennant and wife Emily Tennant (nee Hale)
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