Clark and Hogg Family History

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Local History - Ayton, Berwickwickshire

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Robert Hogg (b. Abt. 1783) and Robert Armstrong Hogg (b. 1801)
came from the Ayton parish of Berwickshire.
English or Scottish ?
Berwick-upon-Tweed, a border town, which although mainly on the north bank of the River Tweed is in England. The county of Berwickshire is a Scottish county and Duns was the county town. Berwick-upon-Tweed is not in Berwickshire. Politically, Berwick was considered a separate entity. The present position is as yet unknown to us.
The fifty-year war with Russia
As a separate entity Berwick was included in legislation. When the Crimean war of 1854-56 was declared the proclamation included Great Britain, Ireland, Berwick, etc. However the peace proclamation inadvertently omitted Berwick, which therefore technically remained at war with Russia for another fifty years until 1914 (when presumably the proclamation of the first world war ratified the position).
The Hoggs
As the Hoggs came from Ayton, on the River Eye, which is in Berwickshire, and north-east of Duns,
they are clearly of Scottish descent
(which is no doubt why if you run the spell-checker on this page,
it cannot find Hoggs but suggests Haggis instead! - true).
Hoggs buried at Ayton, Berwickshire
Ayton Church-yard
(photo Malcolm Robbins 2002)
There are some Hogg grave-stones - perhaps relatives?
Ayton Online
Ayton-Online - find where Ayton is!
GEN UKI information upon Berwickshire and parishes
Ayton map
Ayton parish and Berwickshire
Ayton Castle
Ayton Castle, near Eyemouth, Berwickshire is several miles from Ayton village - it was not built until 1850.
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