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Hoggs at Royal Arsenal c.1916

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Found amongst the family archives - was this picture taken at Royal Arsenal circa 1916
at Royal Arsenal
But which ones are the Hoggs?
Below are camparative pictures of Minnie Mary Hogg (nee Bates)
Minnie Mary Hogg Minnie Mary Hogg
c. 1909 c. 1930
Are these options?
One Two Three, four and five?
Which one is she? Which one is she ? Which one is she?
Located - middle right Located -top right Located - front left
Too young for Minnie Mary Hogg?   Too young for Minnie Mary Hogg?
Maybe these are all wrong!
Also could the picture include Minnie Francis Hogg (aged 17) or cousins of other Hoggs?
We have a large version of the photograph.
Anybody know a facial recognition expert?

Many female Hoggs worked at the Royal Arsenal
and perhaps met their spouses there!

Check out archive of The Munitionettes on the Royal Arsenal site
The Dangers Of Working In A First World War Munitions Factory on the IWM site

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