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David Clark of Kingswinford, Pensnett and Brierley Hill

1831 - 1914

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David Clark
David Clark in 1911, aged 80.
Described as "The Grand Old Man of the Teaching Profession"
Born in Daviot, Aberdeen, Scotland where his father, James Clark, was Reverend
and Schoolmaster at Daviot school.
His father His mother
Rev James Clark Catherine Lyon
Rev James Clark Catherine Lyon - wife of Rev. James Clark
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Attended London University - and matriculated in 1854.

He married Ann Jackson in 1860 and they had 13 children.

He was a schoolmaster in 1861,
Principal of Albion House School, Brierley Hill (also spelt Brierly) in 1870's.
Head Schoolmaster at the Board School, Bromley, Pensnett, Dudley in 1890's,
and a JP in Kingswinford.

Gave 5s to Kingswinford collection for celebrations for King George V coronation.
Latterly lived at Daviot House, Kingswinford (now believed to be demolished).

He retired in 1904, at the age of 73, after at least 43 years
in the teaching profession.

David Clark wrote many educational books including:-

Clark's Comprehensive English Grammar 1871 Plackett and Co,
St Brides Avenue, Fleet Street
Complete Object Lesson Book November 1893
April 1897 (2nd edition)
Thomas Evans, Redditch
Complete Examiner    
The Comprehensive Examiner * 1887 Blackie & Son, London
The Comprehensive English Grammar * 1871 Educational Trading Co, london
The Young Student's Comprehensive English Grammar * 1896 Thomas Evans, Redditch
Elementary Mechanics    
History of British Empire   (or similar title)
Unknown   A copy held by Dudley Library
* denotes copy in the British Library
David Clark dedicated his book "Object Lessons" to W. P. turnbull esq. M.A.
William Peveril Turnbull, was an H M Inspector of Schools
Herbert Westren Turnbull, son of W P Turnbull, Inspector of Schools
The Peerage - W P Turnbull
Derwent Christopher Turnbull

Location of Kingswinford, Brierley Hill, Pensnett
David Clark lived and worked in Brierley Hill, Pensnett
and latterly lived at "Daviot House", Kingswinford.
Read about David Clark - the "grand old man of the teaching profession"


The frequent family association with the name "Daviot" comes from the area of Daviot, Aberdeenshire, where David Clark (and his father James) were born
and where he lived in his childhood years.
Many of the family (including Catherine Lyon who died young - aged 29 years)
are buried in Daviot churchyard.

Some of the family of David Clark

Lyon Clark

His son, Lyon Clark, OBE, became a well known solicitor and coroner
in West Bromwich and Smethwick, Staffordshire.
The name Lyon comes from David Clark's mother's maiden name, Catherine Lyon.
Several of David Clark's children bore the name Lyon.
In 1940 an Illuminated Address was presented to Mr Lyon Clark by the West Bromwich Public Libraries Ctee in appreciation of his loyal service as committee member and deputy chairman. Signed by Guildford Hodges, Librarian and [?committee] secretary. - ref. M 104/1 - date: 1940
Picture of the Library Committee 1924
West Bromwich Library Committee 1924

Lyon Clark's comments on the "bewitched" Birmingham - Wolverhampton New Road

The following comments were recouinted in the Express and Star newspaper
on the 50th anniversary of the opening of the road:-
In 1938, recalled the newspaper, the West Bromwich coroner, Lyon Clark, had described the road as "bewitched." In ten years, he said, he had investigated 100 deaths. It was the most dangerous road he had ever known.
Funeral Service of Lyon Clark

Funeral Service of
Lyon Clark, OBE,
at St Thomas Church,
Hockley Heath, Birmingham
in 1955.

Walter Scott Clark

Walter Scott Clark
Walter Scott Clark (1871-1965)
son of David Clark
Letter from David Clark Personal letter
from David Clark,
written at the age of 76,
to his son
Walter Scott Clark
following the death of his
wife, Ann Clark (nee Jackson).
A thank-you note written
by David Clark
on his 82nd birthday
to his son Walter expressing
how "all his dutiful children"
had congratulated him on
his birthday.
Note from David Clark aged 82

Gordon Barclay Clark

Gordon Barclay Clark was the son of David Clark His son, William, was killed in the accidental explosion of HMS Bulwark, at Sheerness, Kent on 26th November 1914. Over 740 sailors died and only about 12 survived.

"Barclay" has been used several times as a family name, particularly by David Clark, (and by his brother William) which suggests a previous paternal or maternal link. This has not yet been identified (although David's sistet Elspet married William Barclay).

William Clark son of Gordon Barclay Clark page
Report of the explosion of HMS Bulwark
Commonwealth War Graves - Certificate Of Able seaman William Clark
HMS Bulwark
HMS Bulwark

Check out the story of David's brother, William Robinson Clark
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1881 census
Household: Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
David CLARK Head M Male 49 Aberd, Scotland Schoolmaster
Ann CLARK Wife M Female 44 Brierley Hill, Stafford, England
James CLARK Son U Male 19 Brierley Hill, Stafford, England Articled Clerk To Solicitor
William CLARK Son U Male 16 Brierley Hill, Stafford, England Apprentice Compositor
Elsie A. CLARK Daur U Female 15 Brierley Hill, Stafford, England Apprentice Teacher
Gordon B. CLARK Son U Male 13 Brierley Hill, Stafford, England Scholar
Walter L(should be Walter S). CLARK Son U Male 9 Brierley Hill, Stafford, England Scholar
Catherine L. CLARK Daur U Female 8 Brierley Hill, Stafford, England Scholar
Syon (should be Lyon) CLARK Son U Male 7 Brierley Hill, Stafford, England Scholar
Wildermine B. CLARK Daur U Female 5 Brierley Hill, Stafford, England Scholar
Annie C. CLARK Daur U Female 3 Brierley Hill, Stafford, England Scholar
Ruth M. ROUND Serv U Female 16 Hill Top, Stafford, England General Serv
Source Information: Dwelling Hollies St Census Place Kingswinford, Stafford, England
Family History Library Film 1341694 Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece / Folio 2893 / 28 Page Number 9

Lyon Clark, the son of David Clark

Challinors Lyon Clark - 30th August 2005 is a sad day

One of Birmingham’s leading law firms has announced an official name change following the relocation of a number of its fee earners to its city centre office – a move that signals its sustained growth and continued presence. Established West Midlands law firm Challinors Lyon Clark will now be known solely as “Challinors” - a name which by which it is already well known in the marketplace.

He said “Challinors Lyon Clark is among Birmingham’s most well established and respected law firms and for some time has been abbreviated by the market to the shortened name “Challinors”. It is an obvious time to make the name change and, with additional space being taken in central Birmingham, the timing is right.

The firm, as it is known today, is the result of a merger between former local firms Challinors and Lyon Clark, which took place in 1996. The roots of both practices lie firmly in the Black Country, firstly with James Clark who set up as sole practitioner on West Bromwich High Street in the 1930's and was later joined by his brother Lyon Clark, who took full control following his sibling’s death. The firm established in the City Centre over 10 years ago.

Challinors was established just after the last war by Gerald Challinor, who, joined by John Roberts grew the firm into a sizable and profitable business. Trevor Lee, who completed his training with the firm 36 years ago, succeeded Gerald Challinor when he retired in 1985. Since then the firm has more than trebled in size and remains committed to growth.

The firm will officially be known as Challinors from 30th August 2005.
After 75 years - the end of an era !

Subsequently Challinors went BUST !

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