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Rev. James Clark of Daviot, Aberdeenshire

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James Clark was a schoolmaster in Daviot, Aberdeenshire in 1841. He is recorded in the !841 Census as a schoolmaster, aged 40, living at the Schoolhouse, Daviot with his family.

Rev James Clark Catherine Lyon
Rev James Clark Catherine Lyon - wife of Rev. James Clark
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Bequeathed by Audrey Lyon Clark 2004
Family records indicated he was born in 1797 and census data for 1841 (see below) suggest he was born in 1801. However ages for adults were often rounded up/down to nearest five years. However his grave inscription that he died in his 49th year also suggests he was born in 1801.
James Clark attended Aberdeen University and was awarded an MA in March 1816.
James Clark married Catherine Lyon (the daughter of Baille George Lyon of Inverurie) at Inverurie on 1st December 1825.

Family Bible of James Clark

James Clark Family Bible
Picture from Keith Bryer

Children of James Clark and Catherine Lyon

His eldest son, William Robinson Clark, became a Reverend and professor, later emigrating to Canada in 1882.
David Clark also became a schoolmaster in Brierley Hill and later Pensnett, Staffordshire.
His eldest daughter Elspet (Elsie) Clark married William Barclay, and died 19th April 1877 and is buried at Daviot.
James' youngest daughter Anne married George Craig and they emigrated to Ottawa, Canada with their son James. She later had another son David born shortly after her arrival in Canada. She is buried in Armprior, Canada.
James's youngest son, George b.1835) was only three months old when his mother died. He died (d. 30th June 1866), in Assam, Bengal, India. He is buried or more probably has a memorial at Daviot.

The gravestone of Elsie clark at daviot
The gravestone of Elspet (Elsie) Clark, died 1877, at Daviot kirkyard.
The stone for her father, Rev. James Clark is adjacent but covered by undergrowth.
(photograph by Barclay Craig 2005)

1841 Census of Daviot, Aberdeen
Living at the Schoolhouse, Daviot, Aberdeen.
Clark James M 40 Schoolmaster Aberdeenshire
  Elspet F 14   Aberdeenshire
  William M 12   Aberdeenshire
  David M 9   Aberdeenshire
  Anne F 7   Aberdeenshire
  George M 5   Aberdeenshire
Anderson Janet F 20 Female servant Aberdeenshire
Thomson Robert M 15 Agricultural labourer Aberdeenshire

James's wife, Catherine Clark (nee Lyon), was not present in the 1841 Daviot census. Catherine Lyon died, aged 29, on 17th April 1836, and is buried at Daviot.

James Clark died on 18th August 1849 and is also buried at Daviot, Aberdeen.

ANESFHS Monumental Index for James and Catherine at Daviot.
Full ANESFHS Monumental Inscriptions (gravestones) in Aberdeenshire.
Although his memorial indicates he died in his 49th year this appears to be incorrect.
Daviot Church
Daviot Kirk (church) where Rev. James Clark preached.
He is buried in the churchyard.
(photograph by Barclay Craig 2005)
William Barlay and his wife Elspet (Elsie) Barclay (nee Clark), together with her brother George were still living at Pitblain, Daviot in 1851 census. William Barclay was a tailor and Elsie was a schoolmistess. Elsie is buried in Daviot churchyard.
They are no longer recorded in Daviot in the 1861 Daviot census
Note. There are other Barclay/Clark in Auchterless, Aberdeenshire
see Local History - Daviot
Present Daviot School web-site
George Clark - things that are being checked out

George Clark - to check. Registrations of Births and Deaths in the Native States under British Protection are filed in the Oriental and India Office Collection at the British Library under N/5/1 and N/5/2.

India-related resources
see Passages to India
Also British India Family History
Daviot - Kirk Session and other material found in the Old Parochial Registers 187/1 and 187/2
Father and mother of James Clark
James Clark's father was believed to be James Clark (Clerk) b. abt 1761 from Logie-Coldstone and Ann Gordon b. abt 1766 from Tullick who married in 1787 at Tullich (part of Glenmuick).
(Tullich, Glenmuick, Glengairn, Corqarff (B,C,M) 11 201/ 1 - 9 Aberdeen )
Ann Gordon b. abt 1766 Tullick, Aberdeen
Possible father for James Clark snr was William Clark
Logie-Coldstone births Batch Number: C112172
Glenmuick marriages batch number M112014
George Clark (b.1804) and family inc. Charles Clark in Glenmuich - not linked at present

William Barclay, wife Elspet and George Clark in the 1851 Census
Piece: SCT1851/187 Place: Daviot-Aberdeenshire Enumeration District: 3
Civil Parish: Daviot
Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: - Folio: 166 Page: 1 Schedule: 1
Address: Pitblain
Barclay William Head M M 38 Tailor Master Aberdeenshire - Huntly Employs 2 Journeyman & 2 Apprentices
  Elsie Wife M F 24 Schoolmistress Aberdeenshire - Daviot  
Clark George Brolaw U M 13 Student Aberdeenshire - Daviot  
William Barclay in 1841 census
SCT1841/202 Place: Huntly-Aberdeenshire Enumeration District: 1
Civil Parish: Huntly
Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: - Folio: 1 Page: 21 and 22
Address: Old Road
Barclay Robert M 50 Mason Aberdeenshire
  Isobel F 40   Aberdeenshire
  Agnes F 20   Aberdeenshire
  William M 20 Tailor Aberdeenshire
  Alexr. M 15 Slaters Apprentice Aberdeenshire
  James M 7   Aberdeenshire
William Barclay - birth

Birth: Christening: 17 MAY 1820 Huntly, Aberdeen, Scotland
Family Mother: ISOBEL LESLIE

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