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James Lyon 1738 -

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James Lyon married Janet Mackie in 1760 in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire in Scotland. The dates of November 23rd 1759 and January 3rd 1760 are given. These two dates however probably indicate the dates of the reading of the banns of marriage in the church rather than an actual date for the ceremony.
James and Janet lived either in or near this small town of Inverurie which is seventeen miles north west of Aberdeen. They had at least 5 or 6 children. In April 1766, their fourth child was born and was named George Lyon. He was married in about 1794 to Elspet Philip, his first cousin. George Lyon became a vintner and inn keeper and served as Baillie (Mayor), the senior magistrate of the Burgh of Inverurie for over thirty years spanning the turn of the 18th to the 19th century- Baillie George Lyon and Elspet Philip had at least seven children, four of whom emigrated to Canada over a period of twenty-five years. (See those marked on the box chart above).
The first son George took up residence at Richmond in Upper Canada following the War of 1812. In the spring of 1829, the youngest son Robert and his sister Margaret emigrated to the Richmond area where their older brother had settled. A cousin whose identity is unknown at this time came with them. In about 1836, their brother Robinson and his young family moved from Inverurie to the Richmond/Bytown area of Upper Canada.
Where James Lyon and Janet Mackie are buried is unknown at this time.
Their son, Baillie George Lyon died in Inverurie on January 10th, 1837 at the age of 71 years and is buried in Bass Cemetery there. His wife Elspet died on November 24th, 1845 in Aberdeen at the age of 85 years and is buried in Bass Cemetery in Inverurie with her husband and sons.
Summaries of known information will be provided on the four of Baillie George's children who emigrated to Upper Canada. Much more detailed information will be provided for the son, Captain George Lyon, his wife Catherine Radenhurst and his family line from which the writer is descended, thus this will be the major focus of this family tree and history.
Information provided and based upon research by Jim McTavish, Barbara Gibson, Reg Lyon, George Mackenzie and Cynthia Milligan.
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